Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So I’ve mentioned my girlfriend Heather, but I haven’t blogged at length about her. And as she’s sitting serenely across from me at the coffee shop believing that I am diligently working away on THE NOVEL, I feel the urge to riff on her. She is not a constant reader of the blog, so I think I can get away with this for a few days at least. But I'm not suicidal—thus, the close-up pic instead of a picture that would make her make my life unspeakably uncomfortable. Doesn’t she have pretty eyes? Aside from her eye color, here are a few things you should know about her:

  1. She’s a poet. I try not to hold this against her. Though I have published some poetry (a whole chapbook even), I would self-identify as a fiction writer. As such, I find we get along splendidly having common interests, but not too common. She loves those words, and I love those characters. To learn more, go to your local library or read this essay about poet/fiction writer couples.
  2. She’s younger than I am. Which has caused me much consternation. Both in terms of the age gap (she doesn’t remember The Electric Company!) and in that I am living the cliché. But love can’t help love. I dated the cougars in my youth. I dated and dated but just couldn’t relax in a relationship until her.
  3. She is type A. She is proud of this. To an extent. She stopped ironing her jeans after I kept making fun of her, for example.
  4. She randomly makes cute noises.
  5. She does a spot-on imitation of Louis Armstrong.
  6. We just had an extended conversation on three points from Strunk & White.
  7. She is a sterling person all the way around who you should get to know (I know sappy, sappy). And there’s more, but frankly that’s none of your business.
  8. Also, I need to wrap this up because she’s giving me suspicious looks…


Derek Nikitas said...

Get a room, Romeo.

MEL said...

Maybe you just don't know what you're talking about....just kidding...I love heather...I hope you marry heather and have lots of babies...or at least a DOG!!!

marvinhill with no e said...

Yeah, I'm with derek you should really look into getting a room. When are you going to get married, you're lucky there is no common law in NC. I like that bookcase.