Monday, February 11, 2008

A Lucky Man Review

So I finished reading Lucky Man by Ben Tanzer, proprietor of This Blog Will Change Your Life. I was expecting the same whimsy and optimistic humor from his debut novel that I enjoy from his blog. But I was gently and pleasantly disabused of this notion as the book went on. It is funny, but also sad and strange and surprising and many other engaging ‘S’ words. I was especially impressed by his range of emotion and for his clever plotting. As the novel went from coming-of-age to On the Road-like road trip, I was happy to bum along, expecting it to end in the requisite literary epiphany, but I was excited by the deft turn in the book’s conclusion. Lucky Man makes me eager for more from Tanzer.

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Ben said...

I am thrilled you enjoyed the book and really appreciate the shout-out. I am also pleasantly surprised to learn that I've disabused anyone of anything. I think that's a first and I'm kind of digging it.