Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something Wicked

It has been a Musical week. Watched Sweeney Todd on DVD and tonight went to the opening of Wicked. I know what you're thinking: I seem so manly--what with my writing poetry and hating sports and eschewing condiments. But real men can enjoy musical theater, too. At least the kind with barbers slitting throats and Time Dragons hovering over stages. I can't believe how ubiquitous the Wizard of Oz has become. It is American mythology. Any rumors that I got choked up at "Defying Gravity" are myths as well.


Anonymous said...

Sweeney Todd's amazing, except for that annoying BRIGHT coke bottle cap red blood. I'm so jealous you got tickets to Wicked.

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. said...

I concur, Anonymous. That was some red blood. Interesting fact: Heather read somewhere that they used paint for the blood to be true to the stage production.

Also, I hear they're having a lottery for Wicked tickets so there's still a chance to go. And I urge you to.