Monday, June 16, 2008

Bananas in the News

You know how Heather's well-documented obsession with bananas has seeped over into my blog, and now I see bananas everywhere. If I were one to use puns, I'd say I'm going bananas--I, however, am not one to use puns and rather dislike them so I won't say that. But here is the news in bananas:

The Associated Press (you know you can trust those associates) reports that two men near the Costa Rica-Panama border were caught with $372,000 and when asked what they were doing with that much cash, they claimed to be "banana brokers" looking to buy bananas. Sometimes life is just too good.

My favorite part of the article is that it ends with "Bananas cost about $1.65 a pound in Costa Rica." That's right, the reporter is daring you to figure out how much bananas you could actually buy with 372K. Follow along kids: laundryed cash divided by Costa Rican banana rates= 225,454.55 lbs. of bananas.

Now those are banana brokers!


Alex said...

I rented a movie one time called Banana Brokers. Strangely, bananas were never even discussed. It was about these two guys who ran a pool cleaning service and...well, I don't want to ruin he big surprise.

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. said...


Did they pee in the pool? Because pee is yellow, much like a banana...well, not if you're healthy, I suppose. Wait...Oh!