Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh No, The Irony

Jesse Helms, the Big No, is dead. And it took an Irish radio talk show for me to find out he died on the fourth of July--the Irish are obsessed with politics. I am not so obsessed but feel like you should know what's right (treating people like human beings) and what is wrong (most human beings). I only comment here because as I've noted in the past, like Jesse, I'm a graduate of Wingate U., a place indebted to him for support. I met him several times, though he only stared at me, whether with disdain or incomprehension, I'm not sure. And I'm grateful for meeting the Dali Lama because of Jesse who brought him to Wingate--hating Communist China made strange bedfellows. He was also responsible for me meeting Henry Kissinger, Bob Dole, and Dan Quayle--for which I'm not so grateful. As part of my job at the college library I moved all of his papers around in the stacks before the Helms Center opened--occasionally reading some until I discovered how dull they were. Jesse Helms is gone and he will be...gone from now on, never changing, truly conservative.

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