Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ring of Dingle

No jokes--it's just too easy. So I'm going to bore you again with my travels. Though I can barely drive in the U.S., I decided to rent a car and drive in Ireland. But I had GPS. Going to Dingle, I read about the great views of Conor's Pass but how "treacherous" it can be in bad weather. I bravely decided to avoid it, thinking the GPS would take me by way of the main highway. Where did it take me, you certainly would feel inclined to ask if just out of courtesy. Here, that's where:

I survived. The next day I went around the ring of Dingle. My first big site was the Celtic and Prehistory Museum where I meet this odd musician who has collected and now opened to the public a strange collection of things, including the giant skull of a Woolly Mammoth--complete with tusks as big as me. And then I was off to the Great Blasket Island. And it was great. The place is empty:

The few remaining inhabitants left the island years ago. The ferryman said that they went to American and never came back. No cafes, no convenience stores, no bathrooms (ouch). Only the abandoned houses even newer ones with stuff just left or litter piled in. As this eerie, i.e. poorly shot, photo will attest:

I hiked the island for three hours and was alone most of the time. Which is disconcerting when you find piles of bones around the place:

But the view was worth it:

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Mel said...

That's an amazing view!

The idea of you driving in Ireland is pretty amazing too...