Monday, September 29, 2008

Confined Spaces

So over the weekend I dutifully followed Heather to one of her friend's wedding. Marriage, what's it good for? Am I right lonely and sad people? Anyway. The shindig went down at a summer camp. And we played the part of campers crashing in sparse cabins and dancing in the dining hall. Good times, especially for me since I never went to summer camp. So I got a mini-adult version.

It also made me realize what Clue and Saw II have in common. They're both movies of dubious quality that I enjoy for the simple reason that they trap strangers in a confined space. It has sadly taken me forever to articulate this love of the confined space genre. It comes at a time when I'm showing Night of the Living Dead (the original, of course) in class--there it was all along.

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Heather said...

"Marriage, what's it good for?" We may need to chat about this . . .