Sunday, September 7, 2008

Your Etiquette Advice from Some Old Books I Found

So I found another old book--what can I say; it's a pastime--The Royal Path of Life, published in 1880. It's an old self-help guide so not exactly etiquette, but I'm too lazy to change up the feature. T. L. Haines and L. W. Yaggy hope "it shall be a counselor to those who have become indifferent to life's purpose." I want to be anything but indifferent to life's purpose. That sounds reminscient of some other modern book I keep hearing about, something about how purpose will drive my life. I wish purpose would just give me a lift.

Anyway. The Royal Path turns out to be instructive, especially in the ways between men and women: "Man is bold--woman is beautiful. Man is courageous--woman is timid. Man labors in the field --woman at home. Man talks to persaude--woman to please.... Women are generally better creatures than men. Perhaps they have, taken universally, weaker appetities and weaker intellects, but they have much stronger affections. A man with a bad heart has been sometimes saved by a strong head; but a corrupt woman is lost forever."

Strange, then, to find what appears to be a statement of support for the suffrage movement tucked inside the pages. It seems legimate, though did they have yellow paper back then? When did we invent colors? The top reads THE EMPIRE STATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE: Victory for Woman Suffrage in 1915.

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