Sunday, January 11, 2009

An MSR Reading: Or Why I Don't Like Southern Women

I am soooo living up to this new year's resolution. But though I haven't been diligently blogging. I have been doing some stuff literary. For example, I went to a great reading at Main Street Rag Publishing Company's headquarters featuring Suzanne Baldwin Leitner and Dannye Romine Powell.

Powell read from her new poetry collection A Neckless of Bees. Some wonderful stuff about being an only child. Leitner read from her novella Sessions with a Cheater's Wife.

And here's where the subtitle of the post comes in. Leitner read this passage describing some Southern women that completely resonanted with my experience: "My mother the lunatic is also female and southern. But she's that annoying kind of southern. The kind that always points out, loudly, the brutality and coarseness of the rest of the world, looks down her nose at it in fact, but would skin a live cat if it would win her some sort of meaningless social standing.... I can't tell you how many times I've seen her smile right into a person's face whom she utterly despises.... My mother is the kind of person who uses 'etiquette' as a weapon of intimidation, which means, of course, she isn't using etiquette at all."

I especially like that last part about etiquette. So, of course, I was using a bit of the hyperbole before because it's not all Southern women I don't like, just the ones described above (note my own mother is not one of these Southen women, nor is this woman).

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