Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coming Soon: This Tour Will Change Your Life (virtually)

You know what the worst thing about blogging is? Blogging. That's why I'm glad to have someone else do it for me. But not just anyone: Ben Tanzer, who asks only that you experience things that will change your life. He will be doing an essay on marketing writing. The guest spot will be Feb. 27th, but it's a part of his virtual book tour for his story cycle Repetition Patterns brought to you by CCLaP. Here is the full schedule:


Monday, February 16th
Peter Anderson
Format: Guest essay

Tuesday, February 17th
Elizabeth Crane
Format: Interview

Wednesday, February 18th
Jason Jordan
Format: Guest essay on the inspirations behind each story

Thursday, February 19th
What To Wear During An Orange Alert
Format: "Author-to-author" interview featuring guest editor Pete Anderson (PeteLit)

Friday, February 20th
Tim Hall
Format: Exclusive new MP3 of a story being read

Saturday, February 21st
Michael FitzGerald
Format: Interview

Sunday, February 22nd
Day off

Monday, February 23rd
Amy Guth
Format: Interview

Tuesday, February 24th
Chicago Literary Examiner
Format: Interview

Wednesday, February 25th
Jason Riley
Format: Interview regarding the craft of writing

Thursday, February 26th
Nick Ostdick
Format: Audio interview plus guest essay

Friday, February 27th
S. Craig Renfroe, Jr.
Format: Guest essay on artistic self-marketing

Saturday, February 28th
J.A. Tyler
Format: Interview regarding the book's unusual publishing and pricing

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Ben Tanzer said...

And as you know, I am thrilled to do your work for you. I am also thrilled that you are participating in this effort and very much appreciate it. For reals.