Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Me on The Fiction Circus

So I'm back from Ireland just in time for the good times. One of the good times has to do with the job The Fiction Circus has done on the reprint of my story "Biopsy Doppelganger." And they did the works. It has this accompanying illustration by Pyotr Janecek, Madman. That would be more than anyone deserves, but there's more: an audio track of the story read by Goodman Carter and Cordula Nonchalant with a music track by the same Goodman Carter. But wait! There's more! The story will also be in the print version of fiction circus: jonathan franzen edition. And if that weren't enough, because it's more than should be expected, Stephen Future's post about the story is embarrassingly positive and erudite...well the erudite bit is not embarrassing, it's really more impressive. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that The Fiction Circus is good people.


Alex C said...

That's great! And a great story.

Anonymous said...

isn't it "erudite"? anyway, great story!

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. said...

Thanks Alex and Anonymous.

Also: So it is, Anonymous. Dammit. Embarrassing was misspelled, too, fittingly enough. Spellcheck should have a beeping feature so that when you go to publish something it will beep out a warning, like when I leave my keys in the ignition and go to close the locked car door. Not that I wouldn't botch that because I've locked my keys in the car plenty.