Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dzanc Books Write-a-Thon: DAY 3

So it's Day Three of the Dzanc Books Write-a-Thon. I've made it to 12 hours--halfway to my goal of 24 hours during the write-a-thon. Yesterday was easier, most of my time completed in a Starbucks. I know some people cringe at writing in coffee shops what with it being cliche and all. Plus the fear that such a corporate environment could seep into their writing. I just don't see it. I mean, the table over from me had a T-Rex balloon animal in the center and two guys explaining to this teenager how much money you can make as a freelance balloon animal artist and all he had to do was buy the $60 start-up kit from them and take a few hours of unspecified lessons. See there is art everywhere, even in the corporate caffeinated soul of America.

I should probably work on that 6 hour goal for today.

Thank you to those who have sponsored me and if you still want to but haven't:You can still donate. And it supports a good cause.

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