Saturday, May 15, 2010

Volcano Blues

Here's a picture from the plane on our way to Ireland of the volcano spewing ash that made us have to fly to Iceland around the spewing volcano to finally get to Ireland. But we did. Get there. And hopefully it will allow us to leave one day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Submit Your Novella

You know what's cool. Novellas. They're like the flash fiction of novels. And we know flash fiction is hot right now. So where are the novellas?

Main Street Rag Publishing Company wants to do a novella series: 12 novellas, one a month for a year. And as I'm overseeing the series, I want to see the best. Better than crap like Of Mice and Men or Heart of Darkness or Animal Farm or Metamorphosis.

Here are details:

Reading Period: Right now! to August 1st. That's right, over the summer, so while all the sissy U lit mags are closed, dust off the novella and send it to us.

Length: 30,000-50,000 words

Content: Open. Your best. Better than that if possible.

Text: Regular manuscript format (double space, Times New Roman, tabs/no space between paragraphs).

Submit: In a first for Main Street Rag, we are accepting email submissions (only in this series):

Want more details, much like the ones above? Go here.

Let the Productivity Begin!

Ha. That's right. Ha! I'm finished. The grades are in, and I am free. Free to focus. To be truly productive. For example, I made this on an animation site:

Over in the Underground: For Sale

Time well spent. I'm going to be so accomplished by the end of this summer. I just feel it.