Monday, July 26, 2010

The Indomitable Jason Jordan

So my title just came to me, and I fear it's because of the Robert Jordan book The Indomitable Conan. Okay, a quick Google check and it turns out that actually Steve Perry wrote Conan the Indomitable. Stay with me a second, I'm still going to say it makes some sense since Jason is clearly a Conan of the literary world (for god's sake, look at that picture...that's clearly a literate badass), slaying his enemies and whatnot, not with violence but with his scimitar sharp writing...okay, I'm pushing this, but here's why:

Now out for your reading pleasure, Jordan's new story collection Cloud and Other Stories and a new version of his earlier collection Powering the Devil's Circus: Redux. Jason Jordan is a widely published writer of powerful stories and the editor of the literary magazine decomP. These books contain his stories, stories full of dark absurdism and compassionate realism. These are stories that make you feel the primal essence of life, like Conan screaming over a battlefield.

All right, forget Conan. But read Jason Jordan's new collections.


Jason Jordan said...

Hilarious post, Craig. I laughed many times. Thanks!

S. Craig Renfroe Jr. said...

I hope it was in good taste--whatever that is. I really do enjoy your work.

Jason Jordan said...

Yes, definitely in good taste. And ditto.