Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AWP Ready

Apparently it's snowing somewhere and making it hard to get to AWP, but I’m bound for DC, and I am ready for my AWP experience. I have everything I need:

√A leather bound notebook so that I can write while other people are just talking about writing.

√A laptop to sit in the free Wi-Fi lobby and blog about the conference.

√An odd hat so people will look at me.

√An odd shirt or T-shirt with an odd phrase so that when people are staring straight ahead they'll look at me.

√An odd pair of shoes so that when people are looking down and don’t see my hat or shirt they will notice my shoes and look at me.

√Pre-prepared questions/comments (mostly comments) that are so good they will prove that I am smarter than the people on the panel and that I should have been up there in the first place.

√A limber neck so that I can scan the Bookfair as I talk to someone in case there is someone more important I should be talking to.

√Nonalcoholic whiskey to use for shots with other writers who are using actual whiskey so that I can drink them under the table and thus prove I am a better writer.

√My wife--step one in entourage creation.

Away we go.


Molly McCaffrey said...

Love this. Hope you have fun and no one looks around you while you're talking.

Mel said...

hope you guys have a great time...sneak over to Lib of Cong and forget all about conferences ...

Jason Jordan said...

Enjoy! Wish I could be there.