Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Choosing an Edition of Ulysses

As you may or may not know, I'm having a midlife crisis and therefore reading James Joyce's Ulysses. First I had to pick the right version. Here's a better post about this subject than I'll be able to do. After reading about the editions I thought I was set for the Gabler, and then at the last minute, confounded by the controversy (and frankly disturbed by the aesthetic of the Gabler), I chose the Modern Library version. So take that Gabler! Go fuck yourself. Yeah.

Actually I picked the ML because the above said it lies open flat. It does (see picture). Nice.

Also, I'm not on that page. I'm on page 5. My plan is to read it slowly. Like four pages a day slow. So that I started it on my 40th birthday and I'll finish on Bloomsday in June.


gedesagus yudistira said...

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Mank Solin said...

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