Saturday, October 19, 2013

Have you bought The Night of the Comet yet?

You should because it is amazing. And it is about comets.* The Night of the Comet is by George Bishop. Full disclosure we went to grad school together, so I might be biased.

But here are some reviews that are not biased:

"It's the summer of '73, and the Kohoutek comet is hurtling toward Earth. The media hypes doomsday, while in a dull Louisiana backwater an obsessed science teacher becomes unraveled by his passion for the approaching mass of ice and gas. Told through the eyes of his 14-year-old son, himself tortured by passion for a new girl in town, this lyrical family saga twinkles with bittersweet humanity. As the comet becomes a laughingstock, Bishop (Letter to My Daughter) does a heavenly job telescoping the heady promise of youth tinged with the sorrow of lost dreams."—People

“Coming-of-age novels examine youthful revelations about the world—filled with cynicism and wonder and rearranged expectations—and the quality hinges on the honesty of the voice, the truth of the observations, the handling of innocence lost; Bishop succeeds on all these fronts.”Kirkus Reviews

“Resonant . . . explores the complexities of a father-son relationship through science, astronomy, and the growing pains of adolescence. . . . Bishop’s characterizations of young Alan’s mother, father, and sister Megan are endearing and their relentless coddling of their maturing son is wincingly accurate.”Publishers Weekly

This is Bishop’s (see how I’m using his last name as if I’m a journalist—you can trust me) second novel. His first book Letter to My Daughter resulted in my favorite Amazon review of all time:

“this book impacted my daughter's life.
just like in the book, my daughter, then 16, ran away. she escaped out the window and stole my car. i barged into her room and there wasn't a note or a clue..just this book placed on her pillow. i IMMEDIATELY knew what had happened. once it was all said and done, she enjoyed the book...even i enjoyed the book. i suppose it was her way of trying to tell me something. now, it's two years later and my daughter is 18 and in college and doing very positive things. while i'm usually not one to say music or movies influence kids, i have to say that this book did and perhaps, it wasn't a bad thing. “**

That’s right Bishop writes so powerfully you will lose all self-control. Comets be warned. You’ll stay out all night if you read this one.

Bishop also starred in the movie Teen Vamp. And more important wrote about his experiences in this article for The Oxford American. (I plagiarized this from Wendy Brenner).

So in conclusion, buy The Night of the Comet. And Letter to My Daughter. And find a copy of Teen Vamp.

*It is not “about” comets.
**This person gave the book two stars. Also this person is silly. 

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