Saturday, May 24, 2014

Me in Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts

So I had a good week. First I had a baby, a beautiful, perfect little boy (I guess technically my wife had the baby and I watched on in terror and awe). But that’s none of your business—I’m keeping him to myself—you wish you’d meet him—if you were to meet him, you’d create a competition called World’s Best Baby Ever, and you would immediately announce him the winner. But you won’t be meeting him—until he goes out into the world on his own, when he will be the ruler of the free world.

I won’t share my son with you, but I will share that I had a story published in the latest issue of Interfictions: AJournal of Interstitial Arts. True, my story “The Etiquette” has a baby sacrifice, but it was written before my actual baby, so I wasn’t working out any issues (any more than I ever am).

Aside from whatever it was I did, the issue has some excellent work by excellent writers done excellently.

There’s poetry:
Sridala Swami's "AI Winter"
Sonya Taaffe's "Double Business"
Mary Alexandra Agner's "Hypothesis Between Your Ribs"

There’s fiction:
Richard Butner’s “Circa”
Su-Yee Lin’s “What is Lost”
Kat Howard’s “To Hold the Mirror”
Tade Thompson’s “The Madwoman of Igbobi Hospital”

There’s nonfiction:
Mark Craddock's "Aerial Acrobatics and Gender Reassignment Surgery - A How-To Guide"
Inda Lauryn's "Parallels and Transitions"
Isabel Yap's "Life Is Not a Shoujo Manga"

Plus a great interview with Jeff VanderMeer and Jeremy Zerfoss, about Wonderbook.

So go read that.

One son and one story. It’s been a good week for expanding my brand.

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