Thursday, March 27, 2008

CPCC Reading and I Am Not Deaf

Okay. So I was going to be all literary and blog about the poetry reading, but Heather has forced me to face my aging.

First, we blog the CPCC Literary Festival (oh wait! I mean, the CPCC Arts Festival because after Irene Blair Honeycutt left they gutted the literary bit and threw in some other arts). Since there are fewer lit events and I have the hell schedule this semester, I only got to A. Van Jordan's reading, which was well worth it and gives me a little hope for the festival--the sparse crowd cast doubts on that glimmer. Beyond the fact that I have a special place in my heart for people who use an initial for their first name--so many people drop it or think its pretentious to hold on to that initial and to them I say, screw you, that's my first name and it's not going away. Anyway. A. Van Jordan gave a great read with personas from Einstein to Richard Pryor.

Anyway, so that was all literate and whatnot. But then, Heather goes on and on (Heather resents this representation) about this noise kids (kids these days!) are using for cell phone ringtones because it is at a frequency too high for old ears to hear, so they could be sitting in class and get a call without the teacher knowing it. First, as a teacher--those bastards! Secondly, I was very afraid I would not be able to hear it and thus old and thus closer to death, etc. But I heard, thank God Almighty, I heard it. That's right I am not old. Or I am at the very least not deaf. You hear that Death! So here is the noise.

Just kidding, here's the real noise. If you can't hear my friend are old. My condolences.


Anonymous said...

they play that noise outside the morrocroft harris teeter

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. said...


First off, what are you hiding?

Also, apparently that's to keep the bats away, and if you can hear it, I must assume what you're hiding is that you're a bat.

Or maybe it is the noise and is being used to keep the teenagers away.

Either way, I approve. Daggum bat teenagers.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was to keep birds away and that it wasn't working because I've seen birds in the produce section at least 5 times (seriously).

Good to know it's for those batty teenagers, and appears to at least be partially working.

For the record, I'm a different anonymous than the one above.

Derek Nikitas said...

I heard it! But it kind of made me feel like I had to throw up. Does that mean I'm on the decline?

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. said...

To the 2nd Anonymous, I'm glad you're not that first bat anonymous. And the Taj MaTeeter has many ways of keeping potential customers away--its size does it for me. Nice point about the birds. Maybe they got in before the noise was turned on and have been lost ever since...I only found my way out, yesterday.

Derek, the noise makes me feel like I need to rip my ears out, so maybe we're just affected in our own individual way. Which brings up the question: why would anyone use this as a ringtone? Bastards!