Friday, May 23, 2008

Triumphs and Disappointments

So 2 plane rides, 4 rough hours sleep in 36 hours, and some number of students (the correct number, not a one lost...physically--I'm sure they're lost in all kinds of mental and spiritual ways I'm not responsible for) delivered to the good ole U.S. of A., and I'm back in all my shabby, jet-laggy self.

Note to shabby self: write a museum guide for people who hate museums, e.g. ignore the overplayed Mask of Agamemnon at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens for the far more humorous phallic-handled spoon.

My major disappointment came when watching a round of Eurovision in an Athens restaurant where they gave me a salad with lettuce rather than that Greek abomination that contains only tomatoes, olives, and feta. Eurovision you probably know though I've never seen it mentioned in the States is that infinitely superior American-Idol-esque competition where countries send a musical act to represent them (often well known rather than just discovered). These are often pop princess clones like Greece's own entry this year, but sometimes...not. My favorite this year was eliminated that night of the lettuce salad: Ireland's entry. I'm doubly sad because mocking the contest you're trying to win is probably noble and also because the country that wins hosts the next year's contest, and I'll be in Ireland then.

So here's to the fallen Dustin the Turkey:

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