Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fear Itself

So Friday, Heather and I participated in Just Do It's unofficial Halloween show "Fear Itself." Just Do It is a bit of a variety show so there was our readings, scene readings, monologues, an improv group, and a short film. We both wrote short pieces in response to a photo we were sent. Heather wrote a sly rhyming poem a la Single White Female about two emo guys. I wrote a faux public service announcement promoting the value of fear.

All ran smoothly thinks to the host/organizer/etc. Vito Abate. The crowd was a good size and generous. My favorite, aside from Heather's, was Charles K. Meauhead III's short film The Inexpressible Horror--a mock trailer for a 50s sci-fi horror flick complete with cheating with the milkman and typical teen beatniks and bikini-clad hula hooppers.

Plus there was Halloween candy.

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