Monday, February 16, 2009

AWP Book Happiness

So back from the wilds of Chicago and the wonders and terrors of AWP with that warm weight of books wisely foraged.

From one of my favorite readings, I got four Dzanc books: Kyle Minor's In the Devil's Territory, Roy Kesey's All Over, Michael Czyzniejewski's Elephants in Our Bedroom, and Allison's Amend's Things that Pass for Love (technically an OV Book).

Also got my first issue of Keyhole. Plus, copies of Barry Graham's The National Virginity Pledge and Jason Jordan's Powering the Devil's Circus--two ultra-cool guys and gripping readers.

And, of course, Hobart had the best swag...what with the Jack that came in the shot glass.


Jason Jordan said...

Looks like you've got some quality reading in store. I meant to pick up some Dzanc books, but never did unfortunately.

Alex said...

Why can't I go to Chicago? I've never been there, and in my narcissistic rage, I have AWP Book depression.