Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Me on JMWW

So my flash fiction "Kill Tig!" is in the Spring 2010 Special Flash Issue of JMWW edited by the incomparable and ubiquitous David Erlewine. My flash is about two brothers. I have brothers. Don't read anything into it. Unless you want to, which would mean you would have to read it, which I would not be opposed to. The issue is full of luminaries like Rusty Barnes, Matt Bell, Michael Czyzniejewski, Erin Fitzgerald, Meg Pokrass, Kevin Wilson and more. I especially enjoyed Robert Swartwood's hint fiction "10 Items or Less."


Anonymous said...

Ha, I prefer the words describing me here to the ones my wife tossed my way a few hours ago.

Swartwood's piece is nasty!

Thanks bud, glad to have you in the issue.

Jason Jordan said...

Great piece, Craig.

Justin Hamm said...

I enjoyed the read, Craig. The one sentence diary entries sort of makes me wonder what it'll be like for our children to, say, go back and read all of our Twitter and Facebook posts, what they might discover about our feelings and obsessions, what they might have to make up to fill in the blank spaces.

Nice work, sir.

Dion said...

The ending made me laugh. Great story.