Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Can See You

So I got my eyes checked today. The optometrist asked, "What prompted you to come in?" To which I could only say that it had been four years since I'd had an eye exam and I was thinking about getting new glasses. He seemed satisfied, but I wondered why ask that way. What was he driving at?

The next in my errands today was a stop at Great Clips for a hair trim--I never say haircut anymore because people assume a guy with long hair will one day come to his senses and get a crew cut, to which I say, "I'm just waiting for the balding." In the waiting room at Great Clips was a copy of Garden and Gun. I realized one of the contributing editors is one of my mentors, Clyde Edgerton. But what was it doing in Great Clips? Was it only a matter of alliteration?

Coincidences? I think not. By the way, my sight is just fine, by which I mean I can't see a damn thing without my glasses. That's right, I see what's going on here.

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