Friday, December 11, 2009

How Do I Cite My Comment on LiveJournal?

Did you know there's this thing called Twitter? I know! Right? Anyway, I don't tweet because I can barely semi-monthly blog and my facebook updates have become so obligatory I call my mom more often so I have room for the extra guilt for not facebooking.

Though I'm not a denizen of Tweetville, my friend Jeff pointed me to one that makes me want to join just to follow them: FakeAPStylebook. At Fake AP Stylebook you can find answers to all your unasked style questions and concerns. Here are just a few of my favorite examples:
  • "The word 'totally' is redundant except when describing how rad something is."
  • "Italicize words to give your story that gangsta lean."
  • "'Teh' is a common misspelling of 'the.' Add it to your rival's spell-check dictionary. "
Oh and the answer to that pesky LiveJournal question: "Comments on LiveJournal posts do not need citations."

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