Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nothing to Say

I have nothing to say, but as Melville would appreciate, an indomitable need to say it. The "it" being nothing.

I'm in TN. That's something. I like to abbreviate Tennessee by writing "TN" because that word repeats too many letters. As a writer, I cannot brook repetition. Especially letter repetition. Come to think of it repetition repeats "ti." Is it teaching by example or is it mocking us? Is this a joke?

I went to Border's to get Jack Pendarvis's novel Awesome, but they didn't have it and it made me sad. But they did have Clyde Edgerton's new one The Bible Salesmen. I studied novel writing with Clyde at UNC-Wilmington.

There, that was something. And here's a picture of something:

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