Monday, December 15, 2008

Good News/Bad News

Guess what? No, really guess. No, it's not that. Nope, not that either. All right, I finished grading. Hooray! Much like the last time I finished grading I felt like sharing. And much like last time, Heather brought me down with this news: among the 1000+ new species found in that Mekong River place is a spider big as a dinner plate (not pictured).


Erik Smetana said...

Just knowing that a spider the size of a dinner plate exists anywhere, regardless of what continent, is enough to keep me from sleeping tonight. Or the rest of this week for that matter.

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. said...


Tell me about it. I got rid of all my dinner plates just so that I won't have reference to that measurement of their size anymore.

Alex said...

But I appreciate the spider picture you chose instead of showing the real thing. There's no way the real dinner plate spider has eyes so anime-cute.