Thursday, December 4, 2008

Me on 3:AM Magazine & decomP

That's right! Excuse the enthusiasm of the exclamation point, but hot on the heels of the VAIN and THE2NDHAND publications, two of my stories are live today.

The first "Stick" is on 3:AM Magazine.

The other one "Scientist Mad" is on decomP: a literary magazine.

I'm thrilled even beyond reckless punctuation use to be a part of these two seminal magazines. Check them out. Oh and!


Alex said...

Good stuff, Craig. I'm going to remove my socks right after I post this comment.

Alex said...

And the Scientist Mad story was very comforting, having left countless voice mails at the NY Times for just not delivering my paper. If I could have found out who wasn't delivering my paper, I couldn't have been held responsible for what happened next. I could try to build my own nuclear reactor, but I know where one is already.

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. said...


Thanks for reading. And I think removing your socks is the only rational response.

Also, I fear for your NY Times (non)delivery person...