Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pick 5: Holiday Favors

Happy Holidays! Nothing puts me in the spirit like fiction, non-Santa-related fiction. So here are five I've been enjoying in no particular order.

1. Derek Nikitas, who, for full disclosure, is a friend of mine, recently published three loosely linked stories. My favorite is "Razor" at Thuglit (the other two are "Bronze Horsemen" in Plots With Guns and "Homecoming" in Pulp Pusher).

2. David Erlewine's "Always with Us" at The Pedestal Magazine.

3. Roland Goity's "America’s Least Wanted" at decomP.

4. Jason Jordan's "Iron Lung" at Red Peter.

5. And I will go out on a holiday note with Carolyn McGovern's cheery "HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND GREETINGS TO ALL!!!!" over at Monkeybicycle.

Yippie, reading!


Jason Jordan said...

Thanks a ton for the picks, man.

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. said...

My pleasure, Jason. decomP is consistently excellent and who doesn't love party organs?