Monday, February 25, 2008

The Theater!

Last week was a crazed week of theater and socializing. I like the former and am lukewarm to the other. The theater is great because there are all these living breathing people all around you saying pleasant things to listen to and they have no desire to hear from you. The first was the BareBones Theater Group's Invasion of 24-Hour Theatre Project—a crazy feat where playwrights are given a prompt the night before, auditions are held in the morning, and the play is put on that night. Heather (with nothing to say about bananas) starred (for me she was the star) in one of the ten minute plays. The next play was mid-week: August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean at The Actor’s Theatre. Great…long, but great. My favorite line: “Oh, I burned it down!” And then there was the set with a ship in the background, one with sailing masts—I want a ship with masts in my place. And then there was the university’s production of Proof. I’m always amazed at the quality of the student performances. You can tell that I’m beat. That doesn’t even include seeing my friends from Florence, SC, an Oscar get-together, and etc. Etc.

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