Friday, January 4, 2008

Huckabee Won Iowa, but not my heart

You would think I’d be all for a guy named “Huckabee”…think of the linguist possibilities even beyond the simple dropping of the H for an F (already well used in I Heart Huckabees). It’s just a nice name to roll around in your mouth. And it’s not that he’s a Baptist preacher (well, maybe it is…because I have had a fraught past with the Baptists…they tried to drown me once). So anyway, the real reason I can’t get behind this man is his loss…his weight loss. Never trust someone who has lost the equivalent of another person. Mark my words it’s not his rampant religious evangelicalism you should be worried about—it’s his evangelical dieting you should fear. A rice cake and carrot juice in every pot!

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